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"His music style ranges from deep space ambient to atmospheric uptempo."

Neorus is an Ambient–Chillout project. Győző Makula is the name behind Neorus. His artist name is arises from the Neo and the Horus words. Neo is about, a big change in his life, as a new begining. Horus is about his interest in the ancient Egypt.

As a musician

I started to create music in 1997 as Damon McU, but in those times I created only in techno genre. From 1999, I have been creating songs in ambient-chillout genre too. My first album released at Tyranno Lounge Recordings in 2008. Then in 2012, I had my last album release at any recordings, that was the Another Dimension album at Plusquam Records. In 2013 I restarted my music career with some new artist names: Neorus(ambient, chillout, psychill,lounge...etc), Max Winsent(Techno, deep-house, tech-house, harddance), Sneferu(Dubstep, drum and bass, breakbeat).  


I'm an impressionist musician. I have learnt music in autodidact way. I can play on piano and a little bit on guitar too(musical experiments), but I'm not playing in a standard/learnt way. I have never felt, that my goal would about to play songs by other artists. In my life, music is a miracle and I'm thankful to create sounds those leads by spirituality. When I get inspiration from another dimension, my fingers just started to move on the keyboard. My albums and and singles are available on online music platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon music, Yandex, YouTube...etc)

My official website:


As a photographer and cinematographer

I started to make photos with a P20 pro in 2018 and I'm falling love with the photography. Then in 2019 I bought my first camera, a Sony a6400. I started to take a lot of photos(unfortunately usually bad photos) to learn how can I do it in a better way. When I have a little time, I always practicing, because I'd like to make better photos. So, I'm not a professional photographer, but I love to take creative photos and I love to make the post-production on those of them. 

In 2021 I bought my first gimbal, a Ronin-RSC2 and I started to make videos. I love the cinematography too, but of course I must learn a lot, yet. I always search new challenges, because I'd like to make beautiful and emotional productions. 

In 2022 I bought my first professional camera, a Sony Alpha 7 IV and 2 pcs of Zhiyun F100 lights. My goal is to grow up to the knowledge and possibilities of this camera. I would like to make better photos and videos. 

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