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"His music style ranges from deep space ambient to atmospheric uptempo."

Neorus is one of my artist names. The "Neorus" name arises from the Neo and the Horus merge of words. "Neo" means a significant transformation or a new beginning of my life and "Horus" reflecting my inner attraction to ancient, mystical Egypt.


As a musician

My musical journey began in 1997 under the name Damon McU, where I initially focused on the world of techno. From 1999, I expanded my  palette of styles, exploring the ambient and chillout genres. In 2008, I saw the release of my first official album on Tyranno Lounge Recordings, then after my 5. official release(at Plusquam), at the end of 2012 I stopped working with labels due to lack of trust and too much disappointment. This marked a turning point in my career. In 2013, I embraced new artistic identities:


Neorus delves into ambient, chillout, psychill, lounge, and more.

Max Winsent represents techno, deep-house, tech-house, and harddance.

Sneferu pulsates with dubstep, drum and bass, and breakbeat.


As an impressionist musician, I live the moment and the sound, so music is more than a craft; it's a spiritual connection for me. When inspiration strikes, it transcends dimensions and flows through my fingers onto the keyboard. I'm a self-taught musician. My focus lies on creating original music, not replicating the works of others.


You can find my albums and singles across various online music platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music and YouTube and in many more stores.




As a photographer: 

My photographic odyssey began In 2018, ignited by an exceptional camera-equipped phone, the Huawei P20 Pro. This newfound passion propelled me to acquire my first dedicated camera in 2019, the Sony a6400, empowering me to capture images of far greater quality. My creative horizons expanded further in 2021 with the acquisition of a Ronin RSC2 gimbal, inviting me into the captivating realm of videography.


As an ardent nature enthusiast, I love to walk outdoors, where I spend wonderful moments capturing the breathtaking beauty of landscapes and wildlife. Portrait photography also holds a special place in my heart, because I like very much how the light and the dark can show the human body. My approach to photography is deeply collaborative, as I connect with my subjects to uncover the magic inherent in each moment. My ultimate aspiration is to create art that evokes profound emotions and charge viewers with a sense of tranquility and joy.

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